I Have No Idea When Thanksgiving Is Since “Friends” Ended…

I miss Friends - a lot. I always loved the Thanksgiving episodes and ever since the show finished and subsequently stopped being re-run on Channel 4 I have no idea when the Americans are celebrating this holiday… (more…)


Here’s A Tip: Highlighting Text In Microsoft Word – Break From The Norm And Be A Little Bit ALTernative, I Dare Ya…

When you use Microsoft Word there are lots of ways to highlight/select text using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts but these will only highlight/select the text in a horizontal…


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Eurovision 1989: Rock Me Baby? They Sure Did!


Is it too early for Eurovision posts? Never…

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The 2015 Eurovision marks an important Eurovision anniversary for me –  it will be the 25th year I have followed the contest.

I have watched every Eurovision since 1989 – from the selection process to the final. Where did all begin? Why did I begin to watch the contest and what has happened in the 25 years since. Let’s find out.

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