#FridayFoto Snalien…

This is a close up photo I took of a snail (no sh*t)…


Granted, it’s not the most glamorous of creatures but I love the way its “feelers” are so parallel with the branch.

The contrast of the pattern of its body and its shell are also captured really well – one full of circles and one full of lines.

This post was part of the weekly photo challenge hosted by http://dailypost.wordpress.com with the theme From Lines To Patterns.

“From lines to patterns. We see lines and patterns in the world around us, in nature and things man-made. Sometimes we don’t realize they’re there: on the street, across the walls, up in the sky, and along the ground on which we walk.Cheri, Daily Post

Picture In Picture - Edit

A weekly photo challenge hosted by The Daily Prompt

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