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The World’s Top 10 Best Images of Pole Dancing Cats


I love these top ten posts!

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The World’s Top 10 Best Images of Pole Dancing Cats

The World’s Top 10 Best Images of Pole Dancing Cats

These days I feel sorry for people who need a job. Not only are there none out there to find, but when you finally get a job you are paid so little it is hard to survive! But no matter how poor we might be, some of us still find the cash to feed, love and respect a pet. But here forth is the problem, dogs have jobs! Bomb disposal, drug detection, earthquake rescue and blind helper, but what can cats do? They just lay around, sleeping, eating and being a slob! So maybe it is time they started earning for themselves…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

The theme for this week’s challenge is Let There Be Light.

The photo I am sharing is not one that I have taken but one that I have composed. It was one of my first attempts at using Photoshop to create an image using layering techniques and other fancy effects.

I think it catches the theme of this week pretty well too.

When I decided I want to “create art” I needed an inspiration so I chose to try and represent current songs in an image.

Can you guess the song?

Thanks for looking, to see more great images and to take part, go here:

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Where Does Charity Begin? Not The Shopping Mall That’s For Sure…


This is the second entry on my “Sound Off” board.

After last week’s post I still think I need to keep the warning…..if you are easily offended then look away :)


Rant One

I’m all for charity and people giving up their time to do fundraising for good causes etc. However, there are good ways and not so good ways for this to be carried out. One of the bad ways I frequently experience of a lunch time when I go to the nearby shopping mall to get my lunch….

Trying to get people to part with their money when they are in a rush is hard enough. It’s even harder when you see the same people everyday but you have to learn the correct way of asking. There’s one annoying b***h I see every single day and she always says the same stupid thing that just pi***s me right off. She has a bucket and is collecting for a Children’s Cancer charity and like I said, I take my hat off to her for doing this. At the same time I also want to whack her around her stupid, f***ing head with my hat once I’ve taken it off!

Why? Why do I want to inflict hat related injuries on a kind hearted lady?

Well, it’s what she says:

“Would you like to help children with cancer?”

Not – “would you like to give some money to help children with cancer?”. I mean what the f*** are you meant to say to that? Of bloody course I would like to help, what kind of crazy ass question is that? Who the f*** would even think of saying no? Me, that’s who! I have to say no every single day because I don’t carry money. I feel bad because of her poor questioning skills!

I’m on a roll so I’m going to continue bashing the very nice but stupid charity workers. There used to be another man in the same shopping mall who would collect for Cystic Fibrosis. A very worthy cause and I commend him for what he does. However, when a man holds up a collection bucket towards me as I walk past and just says:

“Cystic Fibrosis”

I’m sorry, what? Are you selling it? Do you have it in your bucket? What. About. It? Go talk to that woman over there at least she has words!

Rant Two

This one isn't really a rant more of a realisation which I have put together in graph format…



Ahhhhhhh, that’s better!

I invite you to “vent your spleen” with me and I welcome your comments.

Thursday Challenge: Signs

The theme for this week’s challenge is Signs.

I’ve got 3 entries this week!

The first one was taken in summer in a village 5 miles from where we stay. I just thought it was such a funny sign.

We did try to follow the sign and get to the place mentioned but we got, erm, well……


Next up is a photo I have literally just taken. It’s situated just a short distance from my house and we drive past it every day. It’s just new and I think either the sign maker needs to learn to use commas or the teachers at the school need to work harder!


Finally, this one is maybe not so much about the sign but more about the spacemen that seem to have landed on the building site haha!

I almost forgot about a previous post of mine that had a very cool sign.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment, I really appreciate it. To see other great entries and to take part, go here:

Dissect A Word: Contemplate…





CON – don’t fool yourself
(JE) T’AIME – love yourself
PLATE – help yourself

Thanks to the daily prompt

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

Nose Etiquette…

imageI pose the question – what is good “nose etiquette”?

This might seem like a bizarre question but it is something I have pondered over for many years and I am just seeking some clarification. Maybe it’s just me….?

Imagine the situation. You are chatting to someone and suddenly notice a “foreign” item on, in, around or hanging from their nose. It could be a bogey (booger), tissue, skin, an annoying long nose hair or anything else that just shouldn’t be there.

What should you do?

Do you tell them? Do you think about telling them, stop concentrating on what they are saying and then realise it’s far too late to tell them and let them go off out into the world with extra nose accessories?

If you are the person that is more than happy to advise someone that they have “a bat in the cave” how well do you need to know this person before telling them?

Here’s a situation I was in the other day. My colleague had some “stuff” under his nose and I was torn whether to tell him or not. In the end I didn’t. Later that day I was eating a large seeded bread sandwich which was delicious. Half an hour after I’d finished, I touched my nose and found a seed had planted itself at the tip of my nose. It must have looked like a little, hard, brown bogey! No one had told me. I tried to think of all the people I had spoken to after lunch who would have seen my unwanted nose bling. Is that “nose karma” for me not saying anything to my colleague? What “nose” around, comes around?

Another thing…whenever I’m speaking to someone and they start touching their nose, I immediately become paranoid that there is something wrong with mine and once the conversation is over I either rush to the nearest mirror or if no mirror available I somehow use my iPhone to check my nose!

Is it just me? Am I just a little bit crazy?

Let me know your thoughts on good nose etiquette.

Twisted Mixtape 35 – Busted!

The theme for this week’s Twisted MixTape is, to quote Jen:

Things Ya Might Get Busted For In Real Life

I know it’s gonna be hard, with Thanksgiving and all, but this is a really fun topic suggested by my favorite mixer-uper – literally, she’s always mixing up the topic. Kerri from Undiagnosed but Okay. She said,  how about a “this song could’ve sent me to jail?” I was intrigued, but needed more. Hmmm let’s see the Doors come on baby get higher, Or Carrie Underwood doing a little grand larceny beating up her boyfriends truck? Blondie gets arrested after seeing Aliens in Rapture Or even to be funnier: Joe Cocker you can leave your hat on, so if I left just my hat on I would be arrested for indecent exposure. Trust me it wouldn’t be pretty! Aha!

I thought it would be difficult at first but once I had a wee think I soon came up with some tracks…

“Rock Island Line” by Lonnie Donegan

This person smuggled things he shouldn’t have past a toll booth. He should have got busted for it but I don’t think they could catch him as he was on a train and it was going faster and faster. He even admitted it but that train was just too darn fast!

“Gang Bang” by Madonna

I’m pretty sure Madonna has done a lot of things she should have been busted for but surely shooting her lover in the head is something that even she can’t run away from. If they need a witness then I would have to come forward because I saw her do it at Murrayfield Stadium

“I Drove All Night” by Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi drove all night – whilst dreaming apparently, not to mention not taking any rest breaks and having a fever. Not a wise move Cyndi, if the police caught up with you then I’m sure you would have been in a whole lot of trouble. Although you’d have good company in your jail cell as Roy Orbison and Celine Dion would be your bitches!

“Your House” by Alanis Morissette

“I opened the door, without ringing the bell” – also known as “breaking and entering” Alanis – naughty, naughty. Dancing in my shower, wearing my robe and playing my Jolene CD is just a bit weird. Padded cell for Alanis please.

“Year 3000″ by Busted

A mixtape called busted just wouldn’t be a busted mixtape without the band Busted. Busted rock and I’m so glad they have reformed!

To take part in this amazing challenge and to see other mixtapes, go here:

I’m Listening To…

“Megalithic Symphony” by AWOLNATION

This is a bit of a shock to me as it’s a big shift from my normal musical listening genres.

I’m not even sure how to describe the genre of AWOLNATION. I want to say heavy metal but it’s different to that. If I were to say “orchestral metal” that might sum it up or maybe the title of the album sums it up even better!

The song that introduced me to them was “Sail”. I heard it on Jim Gellatly’s show but I knew I’d heard it somewhere before and forgot to investigate. How to describe it?

Epic! Punchy! Ballsy! In. Your. Face!

I advise warning your neighbours, cranking up the volume before hitting play and just wait for your energy levels to soar.

I eventually figured out where I’d heard it before. It was on one of those amazing Halloween light shows by Thomas Halloween.

It’s actually been out for a while but seems to be resurfacing at the moment. Get it to the top of the charts and make it this year’s Christmas Number One – Steve Says!

I then downloaded the full album and was expecting to not like the other tracks as I have found in the past I have liked a song by an “unusual” artist but then find the remainder of the album not quite to my taste. I wasn’t quite ready for another surprise but one came pounding out my speakers. I really, really liked it!

“Wake Up” starts off a bit shouty with an good dose of strings and then when the chorus kicks in the song almost transforms itself and you kind of just want to dance along.

If you like big chorusy ballads with a hint of “Hey Jude” then you have to listen to “All I Need”

The award for song “worthy of being in a cult musical classic” goes to “Dirty Filthy Soul”

If Calvin Harris had been more into moshing rather than deejaying then I’m sure he would have produced something along the lines of “People”…

…and if George Michael had less “Faith” and more balls he might have sang “Jump On My Shoulders”

Finally, if you want your energy levels to soar again then “Soul Wars” is the one to help with that.

An absolute change for me…..but change is good and I like it!

I suppose it’s not to everyone’s tastes – it’s not ordinarily to mine and I can’t stop listening….so if you feel like surprising the beJesus out of yourself – give it a listen.