Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


The theme for this fantastic weekly challenge this time is Unexpected.

When I was out a few weekends ago taking some new photos, Greg was busy taking photos of bricks (insert confused smiley here haha) but I spotted this Vacuum Cleaner in the middle of the path.

You don’t get any more unexpected than finding a Hoover on the path, surely.

Where the heck would they plug it in?

Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing what you think.

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34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  1. unexpected indeed! When I lived in a college town at the end of the semester when students would move out, I’d always find perfectly good vacuum cleaners and other useful things left on the sidewalk for the bulk trash collection. I acquired quite the collection of vacuum cleaners which eventually got donated to a thrift store — so much better than throwing them away!


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