The World’s Top 10 Awkward Christmas Card Photos 2013…

Russell at has allowed me to do a guest post on his amazing site.

Since it is Christmas I thought this list would be quite fitting and might provide a laugh or two.

10 – “Monkey-ing around the Christmas Tree”

Fair enough if people want to have a Monkey as a pet but if you really need to dress it up for a Christmas photo then at least dress it up in a festive outfit…

9 – “Santa Claws”

I have a jumper like that. I have a cat. I like taking photos of my cat. Would I do a Christmas card like this….no!

8 – “Have yourself a naked, little Christmas”

When looking for photos for this list I was shocked, nae grossed out, with how many people want to send naked family Christmas cards. This is one of the “not so bad” ones even though I have just realised that the man is wearing a nappy. Seriously?

7 – Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

Honestly. Guns & Christmas don’t mix. Guns, Christmas and kids certainly don’t. Weird, just weird.

6 –  “It’ll Be Lonely This Christmas”

I sense there should be someone else in this photo on the couch next to her….someone took the photo, surely they could have set a timer and joined the poor girl. Or maybe she set the timer herself awwwww so sad…

5 – “I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus”

Yes, and you obviously told your Daddy who then decked Santa’s halls…

4 – “Blue Christmas”

I think maybe this porno Mummy would also kiss Santa Claus and probably just about anything else that moves. Seriously Mummy – cover yourself up or your bits will go blue as well…

3 – “O Come All Ye Faithful”

I think there is a dog missing from this photo…

image2 – “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

After this family sent out their Christmas cards I’m sure the little girl was found in the woods somewhere….

1 – “When A (Devil) Child Is Born”

This is my favourite. If this dropped through my letter box at Christmas I would be moving home before the house burned down.

I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did making it and once again thanks to Russel at for letting me do this and for all his other great lists!

MERRY CHRISTMAS – take lots of photos :)

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56 thoughts on “The World’s Top 10 Awkward Christmas Card Photos 2013…

  1. Reblogged this on The Worlds top 10 of Anything and Everything!!! and commented:
    Today is Sunday which means it is guest post day . Today’s post is from ‘Steve’ and brings us a top 10 of the worst most cringe worthy Christmas cards I have ever seen! I hope you enjoy it and show it as much love as you do my own top 10′s. But if you think you can do better or interested in doing the same please drop me an E-Mail: But until then here is today’s….


  2. These were great. One Christmas someone my husband works with sent Christmas cards which were a photo of her teen daughter and there was an inset photo of the girl when she was a baby but no one that wasn’t family knew this and it looked like her daughter was a very young teen mom.


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