I haven’t stopped listening to this since I first posted it and I’m listening to it again just now so REBLOG

Originally posted on Steve Says...:

“Megalithic Symphony” by AWOLNATION

This is a bit of a shock to me as it’s a big shift from my normal musical listening genres.

I’m not even sure how to describe the genre of AWOLNATION. I want to say heavy metal but it’s different to that. If I were to say “orchestral metal” that might sum it up or maybe the title of the album sums it up even better!

The song that introduced me to them was “Sail”. I heard it on Jim Gellatly’s show but I knew I’d heard it somewhere before and forgot to investigate. How to describe it?

Epic! Punchy! Ballsy! In. Your. Face!

I advise warning your neighbours, cranking up the volume before hitting play and just wait for your energy levels to soar.

I eventually figured out where I’d heard it before. It was on one of those amazing Halloween light shows by Thomas…

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