I Wanna Know What Love Is… The Ultimate Blog Party is Nearly Here!

You really don’t want to miss this on Sunday!

Suzie Speaks

imageWant to join in a mahoosive blog party, get free promotion for your blog, win prizes and meet hundreds of other bloggers?

Elena’s word springs to mind. Squee. Yes, Squee. It’s the only word suitable enough to describe exactly how excited I am about Sunday’s Blog Party.

After a conversation with Steve from Steve Says and Talk About Pop Musica little while ago, we had an idea to make Valentine’s Day a little more palatable, and bring the blogging community together by hosting the mother of all parties here, on Twitter and on the radio!

We are hosting the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Blog Party on Sunday 14th February from 9.00am GMT till I fall asleep in the evening or The Bloke pry’s my iPad from my hands, with the radio request show from 2.00pm – 6.00pm.

Here’s what you can do to participate on Sunday…

1. On this blog, I…

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Suzie From “Suzie81speaks” Talks Networking And Building Traffic

A great interview from Suzie…

Aidan J. Reid


SIX DEGREES OF Kevin Bacon is a fun game.

The premise is that the Hollywood actor can be linked to any other celebrity by six degrees of separation – typically through his wide and varied film roles.

If there was a similar game played out in the world of WordPress, Suzie81speaks would be the blog at the centre of that Universe, connected to other bloggers by far fewer than six degrees.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet…Steve McPherson

Hugh has been kind enough to feature me as his guest blogger this month. Head on over to his blog and check it out. Don’t let the fact that I’m there put you off :) thanks Hugh

Hugh's Views & News

If you’ve been following Hugh’s Views and News for long then you’ll know I love a bit of humour. When I first stumbled on the blog of this month’s guest blogger, I realised that we had a lot in common. Not only do we share a love of ‘The Eurovision Song Contest’, Kylie Minogue, Doctor Who and Irn Brew, but we also share a great sense of humour.

Blogger, Writer and DJ, Steve McPherson Blogger, Writer and DJ, Steve McPherson

I’ve only ever been to Scotland once and that was many years ago. However, since reading the blogs of Steve McPherson (and notice I said ‘blogs’), it’s made me all the more determined to travel north of the border and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Scotland. Whether they’ll want me to stay very long I’ve no idea, but one of my passions is to go to a Wedding wearing a kilt and this is the best…

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I Wanna Know What Love Is… The Ultimate Blog Party!

Suzie and I are planning a massive blog party for Valentine’s Day. Have a look and then tell me you’re not excited!

Suzie Speaks

imageWant to join in a mahoosive blog party, get free promotion for your blog, win prizes and meet hundreds of other bloggers?

It’s almost the end of January, many are desperately counting the days till payday after the festivities of December and the weather is dull and gloomy.

And yet, love certainly seems to be in the air.

A number of my friends are in the process of planning their 2016 weddings, and several more have got engaged in the last few weeks. Even I, who am not exactly what you would call the romantic type, was suckered in over the weekend when I spent what seemed like hours trawling through Valentine’s Day cards when I went into town, followed by an evening (as I had the house to myself) of watching chick-flicks while crying on a clearly disgruntled cat. I even bought some heart-shaped chocolates to give to The…

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Want To Reach New People And Boost Your Traffic? Promotion Opportunities On Steve Says…

Fancy promoting yourself on Steve Says? There are three ways to get involved – advertising, reviews/ giveaways and sponsored posts.

Whether you are looking to promote your blog, services, company or product there is something available for everyone. There are three ways to get involved – advertising, reviews/ giveaways and sponsored posts.

First things first, let’s look at the facts:

    • 1200+ followers on Wordpress
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Media Pack – for more information on my statistics and collaborative opportunities, I have a media pack to download here.



There are three varieties of advertising on Steve Says…

Steve Hollers…
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Steve Yells…
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Steve Shouts…
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All adverts run for 30 days. I offer discounts for multi-month bookings so get in touch via email at mail@steve-says.net if you’d like to book an advert.

Reviews & Giveaways

I am happy to review your products and/or hosts giveaways for your business. Bear in mind that I always post honest reviews and work with brands that I feel are a good match to my blog and readership. Feel free to contact me at mail@steve-says.net for my review and giveaway policies.

Sponsored Posts

I also offer sponsored posts. There is a limit to how many sponsored posts I publish each month but I do operate a waiting list system where necessary. If you’re interested, drop me a line at mail@steve-says.net and we’ll have a chat.