Mission: Garden Tidy Up…

PlanThis is the first instalment of my next mission as part of my Challenge Me… posts.

My garden is a disaster and it is in dire need of drastic action. It’s quite bad as we have only been in the house almost two years. It was a nice, tidy garden. However, when Greg was made redundant last year and was on “garden leave” he took it literally and decided, to quote him “garden the s**t outta the garden”. Well, we did end up with a s**t garden that part is true. (more…)

Mission: Netflix A Day – The Fades


Final day of my current mission.

Well, actually it was last night but after I watched the show I got caught up with GarageBand (it’s free now, yaaaay) the clocks then shifted back and I was too confused I couldn’t even finish my wine never mind write a post.

The show I decided to watch was The Fades – a British made horror/thriller. I realised all the shows I had watched up until then were American and I felt like I had to balance it out a little bit.

The plot appears to be some kind of apocalyptic crossover. A young boy has visions and there is one big scary ass monster on the loose. It starts in some abandoned shopping centre where the monster is attacking people and there are zombies or dead people or something, which did kind of remind me of the Mastrick Shopping Centre (if you’re not from Aberdeen you won’t get that but it made me chuckle).

I’m not sure if it was because I was watching alone, very late but it was quite scary at parts.

There was also a humorous element and it starred a good Scottish actor, Daniella Nardini, from the amazing show, This Life so that made it even better.

It looks like it is only one season so I will definitely watch this through to the end.

Mission report Day Seven: Pure Dead Brilliant!

So, that ends this week’s mission and I would say it’s been a real success. I’ve discovered some good shows that I will continue to watch and might do this mission again in the future.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Keep a look out for my next mission!

Mission: Netflix A Day – Drawn Together


Day Five of my current mission.

Again, I had no recommendations – come on people, help me out.

Today, I did want to choose a sci-fi techy type show but I took too long trying to decide so I saw a cartoon type show that looked interesting and went with that. Tomorrow can be sci-fi so hit me with your suggestions.

The cartoon (adult cartoon, please give me some credit) that I watched was Drawn Together.

Before the introduction had even finished I knew it was going to be great and I was 100% correct.

Imagine a version of Big Brother with cartoon characters. Not new cartoon characters but a set of familiar, parodied versions of successful ones. For example, there is a character called Toot who is an older version of Betty Boop and within the first few minutes she is rubbing herself along the floor like a dog in heat as she is introduced to Xandir – a Legend of Zelda hottie. If your sense of humour is similar to mine and you think that’s funny – that was only the first few minutes. I won’t even tell you how funny it was then to see an aged version of Betty Boop tap dancing whilst sweat poured off her stretch marks. Oh wait, I just did – anyway, watch it, watch it now!

There are many, many more funny moments, I was pretty much laughing constantly. It is absolutely the best thing I have watched during this mission so far. I might even break the rules (was it a rule?) and watch more episodes right now. There was even a movie made in 2010!

Have you watched it? Do you love it?

(Sci-Fi suggestions for tomorrow, pleeeeease)

Mission report for Day Five: Animated awsomeness

Mission: Netflix A Day – Portlandia

Day Four of my current mission.

Sadly, I had no recommendations for any shows to watch today :( so I left it to the first comedy I saw when loading up the Netflix suggests list and it was Portlandia.

At first I didn’t realize that it was a sketch show. I watched the opening scene and it was all about a place in Portland where everyone was stuck in the 1990s. This could be great, I thought I loved the 90s. They were singing a cool song and wearing 90s clothes, fab. Then that scene ended and the two main characters were in a totally different situation and I was confused at first then the penny dropped – yes it was indeed a sketch show.

Some of the sketches were funny. Some of them I didn’t get but like most sketch shows the characters need time to develop and then it can become funny for no reason. So long as you know someone else that watches the same show you can laugh together about it.

Apparently it does get better and I should stick with it but I’m not so sure and this may have to be the first show that I sack off :(

Have you watched it? Do you think it is worth me watching few more? The episodes are only 23 minutes long, that’s one visit to the toilet so I wouldn’t be using up time I could be spending doing other stuff (did I share too much?)

All suggestions for tomorrow’s show welcome :)

Mission report for Day Four: Porcelain Portlandia ?

Mission: Netflix A Day – Legend Of The Seeker

Day Three of my current mission.

Following a recommendation from The Sisters Eternal I decide to watch Legend Of The Seeker.

It seems to be a running theme this week that each show I have been watching starts off with a murder. In Hemlock Grove some poor girl was eaten by an, as yet, unknown creature. In House Of Cards a dog which had been hit by a car was then “put down” by Kevin Spacey – bad Kevin Spacey, I’m reporting you to the animal cruelty people. In today’s show, Legend Of The Seeker, it began with a group of men chasing two women on horses. The women were really not dressed appropriately for being on a horse, all flowing dresses and hair everywhere. Maybe that’s why the men are after them, I thought. Maybe they are the dressage police and want to provide the ladies with nice suits and riding hats.

Sorry, went off on a tangent there….

Alas, one of the ladies found herself on the sharp end of a very pointy arrow and then fell down a very big hill which made sure that arrow was firmly in. The other lady then done something that got me excited (that’s a first haha), she done/did/performed….magic! Brilliant, I thought, fantasy worlds and magic – just what I was hoping for.

Flash, bang, titles and the next scene was a half naked man chopping wood – an added bonus!

The story appears to me to be a cross between Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter. There is a “chosen one” in a mystical land that has to defeat an evil overlord with the help of trusted assistants and wizards.

It’s a proven format in my eyes. Throw in some more nudity and I’m sold haha. I’m definitely going to see this through to the end.

Have you watched it? Any recommendations for my Day Four – I’m thinking a good comedy will be in order.

Mission report for Day Three: Let me be your fantasy

Mission: Netflix A Day – House Of Cards

Day two of my current mission.

Following a suggestion from imjustsupersaiyan yesterday I decided to choose House Of Cards.

After a few minutes into it I was thinking…goverment, politics, whips, press, manipulation – it’s like The Thick Of It.

Now, I know as much about British politics as I do about American politics – nothing, but, at least The Thick Of It has funny swearing (and lots of it), cracking jokes and the future Doctor.

I was beginning to think this was going to be a big no no as I’m not usually into concentrating on, could really happen, dramas and I prefer an element of fantasy or at least some comedy. However, towards the end I did start to wonder what Frank’s masterplan for revenge was going to be and what if I never, ever found out. Damn you continual serial format!

What did you think? Should I continue or will I just find it a yawn fest.? Any suggestions for my Day Three mission?  Remember –  fantasy, fantasy.

Mission report for Day Two: Undecided like a hung parliament