Twisted Tuesday Mixtape

Sing, Sing A Song…

It’s all about the words. If I was to make a mix-tape with songs where the theme was “These Lyrics Are Genius!” –  what songs would I have on it?

Rather than go too deep and meaningful…what about if I include songs that always find their way into my everyday conversations and result in an outburst of  singing in a way such as this scene from my favourite move Stand By Me.


They Call Me Mister Cover Lover…

Make a mix tape of my favourite cover songs. This could be interesting…

You know that you are getting old when you hear a cover of a song that you can remember the first time around and what makes it worse is when you were actually a full-blown adult when it was released the first time!

As I am an iTunes-a-holic I have a special playlist that has all my songs which I have tagged as cover versions so that is where I will pick these songs from. I will put the playlist on random and use the first five that come up that are worthy…

“Super Trouper” by Camera Obscura

If people are going to cover other people’s songs then this is the only way to do it – make it your own. When you compare this to Abba’s version….well, you can’t really because they are almost two different songs entirely. It’s kind of like you would go to a party and listen to Abba’s version, dancing, singing and having fun. Once the party is over and it’s chill out time then you would listen to this version. The fact that Camera Obscura are Scottish makes it even better and makes the line “when you called me last night from Glasgow” seem much more real.

“Crazy In Love” by The Puppini Sisters 

I’m sure I’ve included The Puppini Sisters on a mix tape before but what they do to songs, they do brilliantly. With this one you would actually think that this is the original and that Beyonce was the person who covered it.

“Moon River” by Rod Stewart

I love this song so much and I have tried to find every different cover version of it. I’m not sure if this one is the best cover but it is the first one that popped up and Rod’s voice will make almost any song into a classic.

“Be My Baby” by Glasvegas

So, how can you take a classic American feel good, up tempo song from an all girl group and turn it into a song that, despite the lyrics, actually makes you want to break down into tears of sadness. Only Glasvegas know how…

“About You Now (Acoustic)” by Sugababes

Sometimes artists cover their own songs – does that count? I’m sure it does. I love it when they do acoustic versions of their own songs and this one by the Sugababes is a really good stripped back version of a punchy power pop song. It also makes me really sad too as it was used on the soap opera Hollyoaks during the funeral of one of my favourite characters which I have also posted below. I better not watch as it as it makes me too sad…so if you do watch it – get your handkerchief at the ready!


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“This week’s theme was My Life’s Soundtrack

Twisted Tuesday Mix-Tape

Twisted Mix-Tape

The Soundtrack Of Steve…

What would the mix-tape consist of if it was to be the soundtrack of my life?

It’s not an easy one to prepare but luckily – I’m Steve And I’m An iTunes-aholic and I have the perfect system to work this out logically… (more…)

And We Got Nothing To Be Guilty Of…

A guilty pleasures mix-tape, now what would I put on that?

It’s a tough choice but I will select one song from each decade, starting with the 70′s right through to the 2010′s (the Tennies?)

“A Far L’Amore Cominica Tu” by Raffaella Carra

I stumbled across this song by accident. It must have been directly after a song I constantly played and I let it play so it eventually notched up a lot of play counts in my iTunes. It soon became a most played song its own right and I very much associate it with summer holidays now. It’s just so fun!

One night, whilst watching Doctor Who, this very song suddenly appeared in this episode. I couldn’t believe it and the fact she was singing it in English just blew me away. Now, I expect everyone to join in with the dance…

“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship

The 80′s hold so many guilty pleasure songs for me and it’s so hard to pick just one. However, this song popped up on my iPod today so I took that as a sign. It’s from one of my favourite movies of that decade – Mannequin. I’m not obsessed with mannequins but if you take a look at my post, Princess Diana then you might think I am.

“Life” by Des’ree

I shouldn’t really like this song because the lyrics are just awful. Whoever thought a lyric of the nature “I’d rather have a piece of toast than see a ghost” really needs to find a better career but it’s just so easy to listen to. “Dooo, dooo, dooo Life”

“(Is This The Way To) Amarillo” by Tony Christie & Peter Kaye

Okay, so this wasn’t originally released in the Noughties but this version was It really reminds me of a great time in my life and it just cheers me up every time I hear it. The song was re-recorded for charity, raised a lot of money and had may office workers (me included) marching around offices up and down the country – guilty as charged!

“Loved Me Back To Life” by Celine Dion

You really can’t beat a good bit of “old giraffe neck” or Celine Dion as she is more commonly known. She really knows how to belt out a tune and I know it’s probably “uncool” to like her but I’ve never really been cool anyway so I don’t care.

Now, just to summarise…

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“This week’s theme was Guilty Pleasures.”

Twisted Tuesday Mix-Tape

Twisted Tuesday Mix-Tape

The 1980s Called…They Want Their Mix-Tapes Back…

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday


A mix-tape of my choice? What would I put in that?

I’d have to opt for songs that were being played at the time when a mix-tape really was a mix-tape. The days when you would pause when the DJ came on the radio, scribble out and give the mix-tape a new title 10 or more times, put little pieces of paper in the holes of a protected tape so you could still record on it and use a pencil to wind the tape when it became loose.

Do you remember that? Do you remember…

….the 1980s?

I love reminiscing about this decade and give me a Friday night, a bottle of wine and access to YouTube and it’s an 80s fest at my house! Here are just some of the songs…

“I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany

Possibly the ultimate 80s song for me. I’m not sure exactly what it is about this shopping mall singing ginge but she brought this song out just at the time I was getting into music and I’ve loved it ever since.

Every time I hear the first few beats I just wanna grab a big, oversized sweater and go ice skating! I even remember thinking at the time that I should buy the tape before it went out of the charts as I’d never ever get to hear it again. How times change, now I can hear and see it as much as I want along with many other different version.

It’s also fun to see Tiffany popping up in the bizarre movies such as Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. What the hell is that about?

“Respectable” by Mel & Kim

Perhaps not so internationally known but in the UK, during the 80s, Stock Aitken & Waterman were huge. They worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Rick Astley among many others.

Looking back, all their songs have pretty much the same beat but why change a winning formula? Mel & Kim had a few hits but sadly Mel died at the height of their career…

Put to one side the “quite bad” dancing this is a very catchy tune. Kim went on to have a few successful songs on her own and last I knew she was married to one of the guys from Bros.

“Heaven Is A Place On Earth” by Belinda Carlisle

No 80s mix-tape would be complete without Belinda. Although this is a very fun tune I do remember it made me worry a lot about dying….well, I was only 9 or 10. Now it just makes me grateful for being alive! What other song could start “oooo baby” and get away with it?

“Apollo 9″ by Adam & The Ants

If I had been a little bit older during the 80s I might have had a different view on music from that decade – maybe less poppy. I find myself discovering older bands from the eighties now that I think I would have been into if I was older then. I love Adam & The Ants and the whole character thing thing they had going on. Plus, he did actually look quite hot!

“Love In The First Degree” by Bananarama

Enough of that and back to cheesy pop! This is such a school disco song. They had a lot of songs but this is my favourite by far. I didn’t know what the lyrics meant then and I still don’t know now – but who cares?

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“This week’s theme I chose was 1980s.”

Twisted Tuesday Mix-Tape

Twisted Tuesday Mix-Tape

Someone Tell The Black Eyed Peas I’ve Found It – Here Is The Love…

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday

“Who do you love?”

Making this kind of mix-tape might make me vomit a little bit in my mouth but what songs would I include? I’m not going into the finer details about why I’m including them but they are all “love” related to me.

“Goodnight And Go” by Imogen Heap

I really like Imogen Heap. She has such an amazing voice – very distinctive

“Might Tell You Tonight” by Scissor Sisters

You can’t beat a good Scissor Sisters song and this is one of their best. Not too dancey and not too slow. Just perfect

“Crazy” by Alanis Morissette

This is a cover version of a Seal song and is one of the occasions when the cover version is better almost as amazing as the original

“Rock Steady” by All Saints 

This was a great comeback song from one of the “cool” UK all girl groups. It’s a pity they didn’t then follow it up and split for good shortly after.

“Heart Drive” by Steve McPherson

This is a song I wrote and got someone else to put music to and sing it, there is also an alternative version and a I talk about it in more in detail in this previous post

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“This week’s theme is Love.”

Twisted Tuesday Mix-Tape

Twisted Tuesday Mix-Tape