Sound Off Here…


imageI like having a good old rant as much as the next person but I don’t want to fill up my blog with lots of rants. However, I do want to have the occasional rant on my blog – it’s liberating!

So (light bulb moment) I’m creating a “Sound Off” board where I will share all my saved up annoyances and rant, rant, rant!

Feel free to join in, post about it and link back to the page or just read it and think yourself lucky you are not me haha.

Take a look at the Sound Off Archives or click on the “Sound Off” category in the category cloud on this page to see all the previous posts.


  1. I love this idea of just having a page of your blog dedicated to rants! Keeps the blog from getting muddled up while also giving you a place to, as you say, sound off. Very cool.

    Hope you don’t mind if I borrow from your idea and do something similar over on my blog? I would just have to figure out how to separate the rants from other posts.


      1. Hello :) firstly, i like your blog.. really enjoyable.
        Secondly, i know this is so random but how do you link blogs to a different page like you’ve done with this one? I seem to be a little technologically challenged and can’t get it right.
        Thank you


  2. This is such a great idea! Yeah i might steal this idea too. Will definitely send some link love your way. Probably only when i have more of a blog to work with though (laugh). :)


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