Animation In PowerPoint Isn’t Cheesy Until YOU Make It Cheesy…

I think my idea for the teaching the  “mouse-less” Windows is great, as discussed in Get That Mouse Out Your House And Let The Cats In The Window! and I’ve been looking for ways of developing it further. Then, the other day, whilst discussing PowerPoint with a delegate on a training course he said “Animation in PowerPoint is tacky“. Well, that was all I needed to hear – challenge ON! (more…)

Get That Mouse Out Your House And Let The Cats In The Window!

“Can I draw?

No, not really but I do like to give it a go and The Indecisive Eejit’s Cartoon Craziness Challenge couldn’t have came at a more perfect time!

Why? Well, as you can see from the challenge she is challenging us to draw a cartoon cat which on it’s own doesn’t sound like perfect timing for anything. But, at work, I was challenged with producing and delivering a one hour training session on an introduction to using Windows and Microsoft Office…without using the mouse… (more…)