Yucca Not Be Serious

My Yucca Plant

My Yucca Plant

Disco Scaling My Yucca

Disco Scaling My Yucca

I’ve had this Yucca Plant for almost a year and it is still alive so that’s a bonus. I’ve never read any “How To Care For Your Yucca” guides and the only time I had “green fingers” was when I tied to unwrap a toilet cistern block – how was I meant to know that they shouldn’t be taken out the wrapping?

Although this is a close up of the trunk, trust me the rest of it looks green and healthy. I like the way the trunk has a little “eye” that looks out watching. I give it a little water spray every day and once a week I give it a big drink of water. It sits opposite the window so gets lots of sunlight during the day. If this is not good Yucca etiquette then please let me know.

I have a cat called Disco, who when she gets the chance, will try to scale my Yucca. When she was a kitten I uploaded the below picture of her on the trunk of the Yucca to Gumtree – a buy and sell website with the caption “Yucca for sale, comes with free kitten”. Needless to say no one replied.

This photo was taken using an iPhone 5 and is part of the Phoneography Challengehosted by with the theme Macro.

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Phoneography Challenge

Phoneography Challenge

So It Begins…


I’ve resisted so far but I now feel the time is right.

This is the first post, of many more to come I’m sure, of my…..cats.

I love cats, but I’m not crazy like the “I Love Cats” girl. Disco is our youngest cat and the subject of this post.

She is a 7 month old tortoise-shell and currently very naughty. We “rescued” her as a kitten from Dundee. I don’t mean rescued as in she was being mistreated or anything but if you’ve ever been to Dundee then you will know what I mean!

I chose the name Disco even before we got her. I’m not sure why but I just thought it went well with the name of our first cat, Bingo. Now, however, I am not so sure as they end up being called Dingo or Bisco or some other mixed up name. Whatever name I call them it always seems to be followed by “down” at the moment.

Disco is getting really big very quickly and I am trying to make sure I am taking as much photos and videos of her as I can so we can look back in years to come….and hopefully laugh :)

She is in to everything at the moment. The other week after I got something out of the fridge I couldn’t then find her. As I retraced my steps I found her in the fridge eating the lettuce, oh well at least she likes her greens. This morning I caught her on top of the fridge….


….the other day I found her sitting quite happy in the (empty) bath….


There is so much more still to tell….but I’ll finish with the video below which was her first introduction to iPad games designed for cats…..enjoy!