Welcome To Steve Says…

Another person with a blog, really?

I’m not a “lifestyle blogger” even although I’ve got a great life and bags of style.

I’m not a “beauty or fashion blogger” even although I wear nice clothes and my aftershave smells awesome.

I’m not a “travel blogger” or a “photography blogger” even although I travel to places and take lots of photos.

What am I then?


“I’m just a guy, writing stuff on a blog asking you to connect with him…”

What can you find on this blog?

For anyone that has time to listen – I want to share my random ideas, findings and general reflections.

From entertainment to rants, humour, photos, reviews – there’s no real theme here at Steve Says…

Take a look at the most recent posts. All posts are written with the added sprinklings of my sarcastic, tongue in cheek humour!

Welcome to Steve Says

I like to write about most things but since I started this blog in September 2013 there are a few topics that I write about more often.

The best blog for…


If this is your “bag, baby” then keep reading and share me with other random and awesome people whose bag you think it might also be.

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Thanks for looking!