Thursday Challenge: Old

The theme for this week’s challenge is Old. I have two photos that I am putting forward for this challenge and there are a couple of reasons they fall into the “old” category… Firstly, the photos are views from my living room window and show the trees outside. One tree in particular that I just love.

Trees are old! How old? I’m not sure as I’m no tree surgeon so my diagnosis is pretty old.

One of the pictures is winter and the other was spring. I didn’t really get any in summer – mainly because there was a big spider in the way haha.

The second reason the photo is old is due to the fact that as of 2 weeks ago that view doesn’t exist😦  They have started construction work in the field to make way for a new school and the field is full of diggers and dirt (I won’t post photos of that as it just makes me sad). It looks like a scene from Terminator with all the floodlights and machines. My favourite tree is still there and it’s in the “safe” side of the fence so I hope it stays…. I hope you like the pictures and would love to hear your thoughts.



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What Was The Number One Song When I Was Born..?

I’ve always been fascinated with knowing what was number one in the UK singles chart during the week someone was born. I think it gives a good indication of the persons personality etc. I know that’s probably crazy but it’s my theory and they usually are. Continue reading

If Someone Wrote A Song For Me On St Valentine’s Day I Would Be Ecstatic…

As it’s St Valentine’s day I’d like to share a song I’ve written…

There are a few different versions of it and it was the first set of lyrics I’d written that were put to music. Get your sick bags at the ready…

Once I had completed the lyrics I trawled the internet to find people that would accept my lyrics and turn them into a proper song. A couple of the ones I found, even though I shouldn’t judge as I have no musical talent whatsover, I just had to submit to the big amateur song jukebox in the sky. They pretty much sounded like they belonged to the soundtrack of a very bad 80’s computer game. Thankfully I found one guy and when he sent back the demo I instantly liked it. There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing as I am very picky but eventually we had a couple of completed versions. His name is Wayne Bowers and his website is Lyrics Into Song. He is really talented, good at what he does and provides demos for people who maybe want to pursue the song further. I was satisfied with just the demo.

He produced two versions for me. One, which was a stripped back acoustic version on the piano. The other, with more instruments.

I preferred the acoustic version.

St Valentine’s Day comes around and on the basis that the song I wrote was for Greg and it was called Heart Drive – I bought a heart shaped USB drive. Onto the drive I saved an mp3 of the song, the videos I made to go along with the song and a lyric sheet I had produced. I was excited to give this to Greg and he said thanks, that’s nice….

I expected more of a reaction to be honest but music and videos are more my thing, he has his own hobbies (which seem to involve being on his laptop or sleeping).

First of all, here is the lyric sheet:

Heart Drive

This is the first video I made, I thought it would be a good idea to have a “lyric video” but looking at it now I think I could have chosen a better font….

I then thought it would be good to make a video of us both in it. Unfortunately, I could only find a few short clips of us both together so I had to recycle it, reuse it, reverse it and slow it the hell down so it lasted five minutes…

I mentioned that there was also an alternate version of the song with more instruments and you can listen to it here on the Lyrics Into Song website.

You may recall from the post Here’s a little song I wrote… that I have been getting one of my friends to sing some newer lyrics I have written. When I let her hear Heart Drive, she wanted to do a version so here is her version of it – Heart Drive. It’s not the full song and I am still pestering her to finish it. I have 3 kids, she says. Get them to do backing vocals, Steve Says. If I’m being completely honest I prefer her voice on this song….sorry Wayne, yours is good too🙂

Wayne also done a version of the song Nearly There which my friend sings in Here’s a little song I wrote... His version was called Here I Am and you can also hear it on Lyrics Into Song – it’s more rocky!

Have a great St Valentine’s Day…

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 4

The cat sat on the mat….


Disco also features in another one of my posts this week – Daily Prompt: Golden Hour

Thanks to Michelle for this weekly challenge

These Words Are My Words

It's only words...

It’s only words…

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

(1)“Hmmm” – Some might say that this isn’t really a word but I originally had it with an extra “m” and the spell checker suggested hmmm, therefore it must be an actual word, right? I read somewhere once that saying “hmmm” to people when you are unsure of the answer or solution they are looking for puts them at ease, more so than if you just start blurting out words. I can’t remember where I read it or I would share it. Upon trying to use Google just now to find the article I just kept coming up against this. Anyway, wherever I read it, it’s stayed with me and has been quite useful in my job where people expect me to know all the answers, all the time – which I don’t, never will and never want to.

(2) “Stuff” – A fantastic word. I use it a lot when I either can’t think of the correct word to describe something or if I just don’t know – most often the latter.

(3)Like” – This is nothing to do with Facebook likes or blog post likes. It’s maybe a bad habit of mine and I use this word too much i.e. “I was, like, I couldn’t believe it and he was like, what did you mean?” But a really good use of this word is as a form of greeting in Aberdeen – prefix it with the word “fit” and you have a fantastic way of saying “hello, how are you” – Fit Like

(4) “Yeah” – Something was pointed out to me a few years ago when I worked with my flatmate. He said I used “yeah” only at work, never at home – at the end of a sentence when I was asking people to carry out tasks for me i.e. “Will you tidy up the stock room, yeah?” It obviously worked as he would tidy up at work but never do his dishes at home. I still use this all the time – it’s like a way of making someone agree to do something without them really realising.

(5) “So” or “To” or “Is”– I use these three words in equal measures so they count as one.  I use them to get people to tell me more information that I don’t know…or should know but I need to make them tell me so it looks like I do know. Say a sentence and end it with one of these words. Follow it up with a pause and a lean in of head. The information will then come pouring from the person…

(6) “Y’know” – Not strictly one word, however, this is my list. I do a lot of presentations and when I watch other people present,  I always look out for words that they use far too much and quite often unnecessarily. I’m guilty of it too but I am conscious of it and try very hard not to do it. Common ones such as “basically”, “obviously” and “okay” are ones that I listen out for and often tally up how many times they are used. These would be the ones that most people spot easily. I’ve recently started using “y’know” in place of those common words as I keep telling myself this word is a “new kid on the block” and nobody has spotted it yet. Perhaps this is not true but I’ll carry on in my misguided ignorance for now. An extra benefit of using “y’now” is it gives me a second or two to think of my next words, or the word I really want to use but need a second to recall it.

(7) “F*ck” – Yes, it’s a profanity but it’s a one of the great swear words. It can be fitted in almost anywhere and can really emphasize anything. Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not a constant swearer and I can judge the time and place that it is acceptable to get my f**ks out. It really annoys me when people get that so wrong. I don’t appreciate people who I have only just met swearing in my presence and I certainly don’t appreciate people swearing in an open office where everyone can hear. Those f**king people can f*ck off – that’s just f**king rude.

(7.1) Should  – I used to say “try that, it should work now” when I already knew 100% that it would work. I’ve learned to be confident in what I am saying so I have removed “should” from my vocabulary and replaced it with words such as “will”, “sure” and “confident”

Picture generated by (I almost took as long playing on that as I did writing this post – it’s ace)

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As usual when I saw this prompt I thought, och, I dinnae ken whit tae write (that’s Scottish for oh dear, I don’t know what to write)

However, this is what I commented on a post by Indecisive Eejit this morning,  I tend to have a quick look at the prompt when it is first announced and then get on with other “stuff”. It then sort of bakes away in my mind and I eventually have something that resembles a cake. It’s not maybe always the kind of cake people expected but I can only bake with the ingredients that I’ve been given🙂

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Daily Prompt

Phoneography Challenge: Night Photography


This week’s phoneograpy challenge is challenger’s choice and I have chosen “Night Photography”.

The photo was taken in Bridge Of Don, Aberdeen. I think it is very obvious which car park we are in😉

Greg had just passed his driving test so driving out and about at night time was still a novelty. We would often end up in McDonalds and get a coffee to take down to the beach, drinking it while watching the ships come in and out.

Thanks to Sally for this challenge, I hope you like and I’m hungry for your comments.

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