Thursday Challenge: Old

The theme for this week’s challenge is Old. I have two photos that I am putting forward for this challenge and there are a couple of reasons they fall into the “old” category… Firstly, the photos are views from my living room window and show the trees outside. One tree in particular that I just love.

Trees are old! How old? I’m not sure as I’m no tree surgeon so my diagnosis is pretty old.

One of the pictures is winter and the other was spring. I didn’t really get any in summer – mainly because there was a big spider in the way haha.

The second reason the photo is old is due to the fact that as of 2 weeks ago that view doesn’t exist😦  They have started construction work in the field to make way for a new school and the field is full of diggers and dirt (I won’t post photos of that as it just makes me sad). It looks like a scene from Terminator with all the floodlights and machines. My favourite tree is still there and it’s in the “safe” side of the fence so I hope it stays…. I hope you like the pictures and would love to hear your thoughts.



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What Was The Number One Song When I Was Born..?

I’ve always been fascinated with knowing what was number one in the UK singles chart during the week someone was born. I think it gives a good indication of the persons personality etc. I know that’s probably crazy but it’s my theory and they usually are. Continue reading

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 4

The cat sat on the mat….


Disco also features in another one of my posts this week – Daily Prompt: Golden Hour

Thanks to Michelle for this weekly challenge

Phoneography Challenge: Night Photography


This week’s phoneograpy challenge is challenger’s choice and I have chosen “Night Photography”.

The photo was taken in Bridge Of Don, Aberdeen. I think it is very obvious which car park we are in😉

Greg had just passed his driving test so driving out and about at night time was still a novelty. We would often end up in McDonalds and get a coffee to take down to the beach, drinking it while watching the ships come in and out.

Thanks to Sally for this challenge, I hope you like and I’m hungry for your comments.

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Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

I usually do get up in the morning at 6:00AM during the week when I have to go to work. At the weekend I normally get up about 9:00AM and do the weekly “big clean”. Downstairs on a Saturday and upstairs on a Sunday.

However, as we are talking about golden hours, last night in the UK the clocks went back one hour due to the end of British Summer Time. So, I thought, I’m going to take full advantage of this extra hour in bed. Greg did point out that it’s not really an extra hour, it’s just getting back the hour we lose in the Spring. Spoilsport! Anyway, I wasn’t going to let that deter me. I was going to accept the extra hour and build on it, having a long lie and doing the cleaning in the evening.

Cleaning whilst having a beer, I have decided, is much more fun.

I have just finished and the last room I done was the “fun room” as we call it. It’s the 3rd bedroom but it’s too small to be a bedroom really and that’s where I have my computer, one of my stereos and just other “fun” stuff.

I had a little helper as you can see from the photos below. Disco is a poor tidy uperer let me tell you!

Also in the photos you can see:

(1) My Bang & Olufsen Beosound 1 that I had a spare cover for and spray painted pink

(2) The crazy sofa bed that makes me dizzy every time I look at it

(3) The framed Doctor Who meets Bingo photo that I mentioned in Paws

(4) The shelf of kitsch featuring a robot, and 80s cassette bank, a Tardis, a mini Dalek, a laughing buddha, Superman Pez dispenser, and a waving cat

(5) Cushions galore, featuring Pugs with bow ties, cats with crowns and a ice lolly

(6) One of two photos of me and Greg wearing stupid glasses in a frame styled like an old fashioned television

(7) The reflection in the window of my dual monitor fab computer setup (set up by Greg, I need to give him credit for that)


(8) A very naughty cat



Thanks to the daily prompt and your comments would be fab!

Mission: Netflix A Day – The Fades


Final day of my current mission.

Well, actually it was last night but after I watched the show I got caught up with GarageBand (it’s free now, yaaaay) the clocks then shifted back and I was too confused I couldn’t even finish my wine never mind write a post.

The show I decided to watch was The Fades – a British made horror/thriller. I realised all the shows I had watched up until then were American and I felt like I had to balance it out a little bit.

The plot appears to be some kind of apocalyptic crossover. A young boy has visions and there is one big scary ass monster on the loose. It starts in some abandoned shopping centre where the monster is attacking people and there are zombies or dead people or something, which did kind of remind me of the Mastrick Shopping Centre (if you’re not from Aberdeen you won’t get that but it made me chuckle).

I’m not sure if it was because I was watching alone, very late but it was quite scary at parts.

There was also a humorous element and it starred a good Scottish actor, Daniella Nardini, from the amazing show, This Life so that made it even better.

It looks like it is only one season so I will definitely watch this through to the end.

Mission report Day Seven: Pure Dead Brilliant!

So, that ends this week’s mission and I would say it’s been a real success. I’ve discovered some good shows that I will continue to watch and might do this mission again in the future.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Keep a look out for my next mission!

Daily Prompt: The Clothes Make The Man

I’m reblogging this as I got the ultimate compliment last night. Take a look at the end of the post!

Steve Says...

I’ve never really been a follower of fashion but I did have a “light bulb” fashion moment a few months ago. I was 35 and realised I needed to start dressing to suit my age. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t wearing skin tight jeans and skinny t shirts or anything but I was wearing skinny jeans and t shirts with random logos. The ever increasing waist line also contributed towards the realisation a change was required! I started wearing jumpers, shirts, plain t shirts and jackets. This may sound like your grandad but nooooo….I discovered Primark.

It’s amazing – lots of choice, sensible options and reasonably priced. I’m never out of the shop now. Greg has started calling me the Primark Gary Barlow and I must admit I do try to copy his style🙂

So, do the clothes make the man? Yes, so long as you dress…

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Daily Prompt: Breakdown

Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

I would say I need to be organized.

I like everything to be just right.

I like to plan and if the plan changes at the last minute I don’t deal with it well.

I have lots of little quirks that are so silly that I won’t go into any detail to save my red face haha. I spend hours organising my itunes as shown in the post iTunes-a-holic, which I really love doing but I now want to get all my photos organised in a similar fashion and it keeps niggling at the back of my mind…

But, do I want to break those habits?

No – they are what defines me as a person! I want to quit smoking again haha.

Thanks to the Daily Prompt and I look forward to your comments.