Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light 2


I was asked by http://mycyberhouserules.com/ to see what my entry into this week’s challenge would look like if I “colour splashed” it.

So, here it is (I love it!).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

The theme for this week’s challenge is Let There Be Light.

The photo I am sharing is not one that I have taken but one that I have composed. It was one of my first attempts at using Photoshop to create an image using layering techniques and other fancy effects.

I think it catches the theme of this week pretty well too.

When I decided I want to “create art” I needed an inspiration so I chose to try and represent current songs in an image.

Can you guess the song?

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Dissect A Word: Contemplate…





CON – don’t fool yourself
(JE) T’AIME – love yourself
PLATE – help yourself

Thanks to the daily prompt

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!


Nose Etiquette…

Greg-Guilemin-The-secret-life-of-heroes-Super-bogiesI pose the question – what is good “nose etiquette”?

This might seem like a bizarre question but it is something I have pondered over for many years and I am just seeking some clarification. Maybe it’s just me?

Imagine the situation. You are chatting to someone and suddenly notice a “foreign” item on, in, around or hanging from their nose. It could be a bogey (booger), tissue, skin, an annoying long nose hair or anything else that just shouldn’t be there.

What should you do?

Do you tell them? Do you think about telling them, stop concentrating on what they are saying and then realise it’s far too late to tell them and let them go off out into the world with extra nose accessories?

If you are the person that is more than happy to advise someone that they have “a bat in the cave” how well do you need to know this person before telling them?

Here’s a situation I was in the other day. My colleague had some “stuff” under his nose and I was torn whether to tell him or not. In the end I didn’t. Later that day I was eating a large seeded bread sandwich which was delicious. Half an hour after I’d finished, I touched my nose and found a seed had planted itself at the tip of my nose. It must have looked like a little, hard, brown bogey! No one had told me. I tried to think of all the people I had spoken to after lunch who would have seen my unwanted nose bling. Is that “nose karma” for me not saying anything to my colleague? What “nose” around, comes around?

Another thing…whenever I’m speaking to someone and they start touching their nose, I immediately become paranoid that there is something wrong with mine and once the conversation is over I either rush to the nearest mirror or if no mirror available I somehow use my iPhone to check my nose!

Is it just me? Am I just a little bit crazy?

Let me know your thoughts on good nose etiquette.

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Week 8


Disco is the naughty star of this week’s challenge from Michelle.

You may already know that Disco loves the shower. She will sit outside it when I’m in it and sit inside it once I’ve finished. She either likes to drink the water or is fond of a little paddle about.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get a shot of her inside whilst there was still drops of water on the door. I thought it would be a nice effect. Since I’m still obsessed with the Splash feature of the PicStitch app I decided to use that to highlight her eyes and her collar.

What do you think?

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Vote Yes, RIP Scotland

The word on the street and for this week’s word a week photo challenge is High.

The photo I am submitting has a story (don’t they always?) and when I was cropping it just a few minutes ago it developed a whole new meaning.

It was taken a few weeks ago at Torry Battery, Aberdeen. My original plan was to try and make it look like Greg was standing on top of a high building on top of the Aberdeen skyline. I guess I could still try and do that but the photo is serving a new purpose now.

I cropped off all the land so it looks like Greg is just standing on a cloud beside a flagpole with the Saltire flying in the wind. I think that in itself is quite striking as the vast expanse of sky behind him looks epic.

This is it below….


That was originally going to be the end of it but then the thinky cogs started turning in my brain….always a concern!

There is currently a campaign underway to allow Scotland to vote to become independent from the rest of the United Kingdom. I don’t know enough about the in’s and out’s or the implications of this yet to make up my mind which way to vote. Greg, on the other hand, hates this idea, Alex Salmond and everything he and his political party stands for. I met Alex Salmond in the theatre one night and he said Hi, asked me how I was and I thought what a nice man but apparently I can’t decide our nations future on that basis….

When I saw the photo in it’s cropped, epic sky format with the ripped, torn Scottish Flag waving in the wind I had to meme-ify it…..

Here is the original photo also…


I hope you like and if you have any views on how I should vote feel free to share.

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