Michelle’s Weekly Photo Challenge 13


To round off the year for Michelle’s great weekly pet challenge I’m going to use a photo of both my cats – Bingo & Disco.

It was taken with my new Christmas present camera and just goes to show that cats can photo bomb too.

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Photo Editing Challenge : Macro and/or Close Up

The theme for Sonel’s photo editing challenge this week is Macro/Close Up. I’m not sure I quite acheived what I set out to do. I wanted to take a macro photo of the macro button on my old camera. I tried to use my new Christmas present camera to do this but I couldn’t do it. I think I need to refer to the instructions… So I opted to used my iPhone 5 and then had the thought why don’t I take a picture of the camera while it takes a picture of another picture. Confused yet? Here is the original…

Picture In Picture - Original

Picture In Picture – Original

I then used PicStitch on the iPhone to crop it, focused on the control circle and done a bit of colour splashing and this is the result…

Picture In Picture - Edit

Picture In Picture – Edit

Can You Use Music For Evil…

Music is a powerful force which we do not completely understand.

Please only ever use it for good.

Do not use it for evil as I have done in this video.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy


The theme for the weekly photo challenge is Joy.

Usually going to use the bathroom in a DIY store isn’t a joyous experience but when I looked at the tap/faucet and saw the the happy, smiley face I had to snap a photo.

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Thursday Challenge: Bright Colours

The theme for this week’s Thursday Challenge is Bright Colours.

I’ve used this photo for another challenge but I think it just fits this theme perfectly.

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Word A Week Challenge: Reflect

The theme for the challenge this week is Reflect.

I’ve just made a video montage which reflects on all my photo challenge entries in my blog this year.

For my photo entry for this week I was torn between two. Since it’s Christmas I’m just going to use both!

The first one was taken in the Cairngorms. I’m fascinated with mirror pictures. This one isn’t great but I’m on a mission to get a really good one. I like this one because it doesn’t really look there is actually a mirror there as the view just seems perfectly aligned…

The next one was taken on holiday in Gran Canaria. I’m not even too sure why I took it. I think we were out for dinner and I was a little bit drunk and fascinated with the person’s reflective trousers. It’s pretty cool the way it turned out I think…kind of ghostly..

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Phoneography Challenge: Food Photography


This week the theme for the challenge is challengers choice. I have chosen Food Photography.

As it’s Christmas and I love potatoes I thought I would have some fun…..

Merry Christmas!

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 12


In the spirit of Christmas I have opted for a photo of Disco this week which shows her re-enacting one of my favourite board games as a kid – Mousetrap.

Thanks to Michelle for hosting all these weekly challenges and may you and your pets have a wonderful Christmas.