If Video Killed The Radio Star Then Who Killed The Television Star?


What is really being abandoned here?

Is it the television set?

Is it set television?

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“For this week’s photo challenge, show us abandoned. You can go literal and share a photo of ruins, a desolate place, or your idea of a wasteland. Or you can interpret it in other ways, from images of overlooked things to forgotten ” Cheri, Daily Post

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Daily Post - Weekly Photo Challenge

Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge

The Quickest Way To The Twilight Zone Is By Bus…

Waiting for my bus at the local bus stop is sometimes like being in the Twilight Zone. So very like it in fact that I made an attempt at writing a script… Continue reading

If Buzz Lightyear Was French He Would Say “From InEiffelTower And Beyond”…

Angles inhabituels de la tour eifel

Angles inhabituels de la Tour Eiffel…

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Thursday Photo Challenge

Thursday Photo Challenge

Picture This…

You've been framed...

You’ve been framed…



a rigid structure that surrounds something such as a picture, door, or windowpane

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A Word A Week Challenge

A Word A Week Challenge

The Top 10 Things You Can Make Out Of Cardboard…

Russell at theverybesttop10.com has very kindly allowed me to write another guest post for his fantastic site so here are my “Top 10 Things You Can Make Out Of Cardboard”…


10 – Cardboard cut out pet costumes

What a brilliant idea. Grab an old cardboard box, a few coloured marker pens and your cat can instantly be anything from an astronaut to a Zulu warrior. There is much fun to be had with this I feel and I will be creating my superhero cat costumes as soon as this post is published.

Dry clean only…

9 – Cardboard clothes

If money is tight but you still want a new outfit to wear out at the weekend then make one from cardboard. If designer labels are your thing then take a look amongst the garbage behind the shopping mall for any boxes that once contained designer clothes. Take it home, grab your scissors and get creative. A couple of words of advice – if you make a t-shirt, be sure to make a pair of pants too and avoid going out in the rain.


7 – Cardboard boombox

If you love the 80s as much as I do then you will know how iconic the boombox is. I love my iPod just as much so it just makes perfect sense for me to combine the two in a cheap and simple manner with fantastic results.

Death by cardboard…

6 – Cardboard coffins

We all die and it’s an expensive and sad time. Why spend thousands on a coffin that’s either going to be burnt or stuck in the ground. Use a cardboard box and choose your own design. I opt for the wine casket!

It’s cheaper on the inside…

5 – Cardboard TARDIS

I’ve always wanted my very own TARDIS and if I can do it on the cheap – even better. I shall call my one the CARDIS and we will travel all through space and time.


4 – Cardboard furniture

What better excuse for eating chocolate is there than to say you are only doing it because you need some new furniture?


3 – Cardboard head speakers

Have you always wanted  to see a sculpture of your head and also hear your favourite music playing from your mouth? Well, now you can – in cardboard. What’s the first song you would play? I would play “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by Kylie Minogue.

Carry me home…

2 – Cardboard laptop case

Cut out a laptop/tablet shaped hole in a cardboard box, attach a nice leather strap and you’ve saved the environment as well as helped those Angry Birds beat those Pigs In Space.

Simply the best…

1- A box

Useful for sooooo many things. As practical as it is stylish – the good old-fashioned cardboard box.

Nice To See You! Yes, Yes It Was…

The one and only – Sir Bruce Forsyth…It’s a sad fact of life that as we get older the celebrities that we grew up watching on television go to the big studio in the sky.

They die, it’s all very sad for a while with everyone paying their tributes but then we soon forget.

What if, just once, a celebrity had a chance to read a tribute, from a fan, before they passed away? Continue reading

I Can’t Sing, I Can’t Play, I Look Awful…

I can’t sing.

I can’t play.

I (sometimes) look awful.

I’ve never been in a band due to two out of the three reasons above.

However, these days with the internet being what it is you don’t always have to be “musically gifted” to be able to produce music.

I love writing lyrics and, in my opinion, I think some of them are quite good. I recently got in touch with an old friend on Facebook and she is, in my opinion, exceptionally gifted. She offered to put music to my lyrics and sing. When I heard the short demos she had done I was delighted to say the least. We’ve never picked this up again but I really hope we do…

Beside Me


Nearly There

Heart Drive

Jam Shoe meets Red Cow

Now Would Be Good

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Have you ever played in a band? Tell us all about that experience of making music with friends. If you’ve never been in a band, imagine you’re forming a band with some good friends. What instrument do you play in the band and why? What sort of music will you play?

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Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt

Can You Hide Behind The Blind? It Seems Not…



This is Disco trying to hide behind the blind resulting in a epic fail.

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Weekly Pet Challenge

Weekly Pet Challenge