Stand By Me…

Stand By Me...

My favourite film is “Stand By Me“.

Who always stands by me? Greg, my cats…and my iPhone, iPad and iPad mini…

I wanted to capture this in a photo.

This is the finished result after my edits. Read on to see how I got this end result.

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And The Artist Of The Month Is…Ocean Colour Scene

As you may know I am an iTunes-a-holic and to make sure I remember to listen to older songs, once a month I will add all songs by a particular artist to my iPod so that for that month I will have their songs pop up when I play it on shuffle mode.

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Open The Door…

Remembering that I’m Steve and I’m an iTunes-a-holic – I produce a weekly playlist of my Top 10 most played tracks of that week.

Thanks to, this is a fairly simple process.

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Time Lord Required: Apply Within (It’s Bigger)

I start a new job next week, it’s not this one but it will but just as brilliant. What’s your dream job?

Steve Says...

Role: Time Lord

Location: Anywhere in Time and Space

Benefits: Company TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver and

Regeneration Potential

Time Lord Steve... Time Lord Steve…

Gallifrey Recruitment Group’s client is a growing empire and currently seeking a Time Lord.With a strong brand presence throughout the galaxy our client is currently looking to extend their offering across time and space.

As a Time Lord you will be joining an established team who have raised their profile externally in recent years and are now enjoying increased investment from within.

This well rounded role will see you :-

  • Battle injustice while exploring time and space
  • Continuously defeat enemies such as Daleks, Cybermen and The Master
  • Work with multiple companions to maintain a sense of “moral duty”

In a role anticipated to grow rapidly you will work closely with all lifeforms on a variety of projects quickly becoming a valued member of history.

The successful applicant will have :-

  • Extensive…

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Where The Streets Don’t Just Have A Name, They Have A Story…

The Castlegate, Aberdeen...

The Castlegate in Aberdeen, Scotland has so much history.

Host to the Salvation Army Citadel, The Mercat Cross and more recently the Gordon Higlander’s Statue – there is so much going on in this little corner of Aberdeen City Centre.

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It’s A Dirty Job But Someone Has To Do It…

This may look like an ordinary car wash but look more closely…20140327-175329.jpg

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The World’s Top 10 Awkward Easter Card Photos…

Russell across at has allowed me to do another guest post on his amazing site.

Since it is coming close to Easter and following on from my Christmas Card Photo post I thought this list would be quite fitting and might provide a laugh or two.

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Bingo & Olufsen…

When Bingo was a kitten it was around about the same time as I got my very first Bang & Olufsen. I loved it but unfortunately so did Bingo. I loved it for the amazing sound quality whereas Bingo loved it for climbing on…

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