Paint – Don Charisma’s Prompt…

Snail2Following on from yesterdays Art Prompt from Don Charisma, it is now turn for Part Two – Paint. It appears obvious that I should never be allowed to use spray paint…and I am nowhere near as good as Jim’ll Paint It!



DO – Take your “squiggles” from yesterday’s art prompt and start to edit in your painting software. DO NOT think more than you need to, DO NOT plan. Pick any colours, the brighter and bolder the better, use paint bucket, brush, magic marker or spray can, which ever of these you like, any, some or all, up to you. Experiment. Do not edit, once you’ve painted don’t erase, just continue. Colour your “squiggles” in. Do this quickly, but without putting pressure on yourself, DO NOT think about it, just do it. Mine took 3-4 minutes maximum, it doesn’t need to take a long time. Do not copy mine, don’t even have it in front of you at the same time as you are painting.

The object is to enjoy the process not with a goal in mind. It’s not a perfection competition, it’s a having fun competition. Those who strive for perfection will be marked down. Those who strive for fun, not thinking about it and just doing it will be marked up. Be creative without working at it.


16 thoughts on “Paint – Don Charisma’s Prompt…

  1. Reblogged this on Don Charisma and commented:
    Close your eyes if you’re a psychiatrist or psychologist, Steve’s worried he may end up getting his head shrunk over this one … joking apart lovely bit of painting Steve, lots of spray paint used but no trains or walls were harmed in the making … win-win🙂

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