Soap Star Superstar: Derek Lord (Davie Sneddon)

Who is Derek Lord?

Derek Lord played Davie Sneddon in Scottish soap Take The High Road from 1984 until the show was cancelled in 2003.

I used to love watching this show simply because it was Scottish. The initial storylines all revolved around farms and crofts and the local community but towards the end it introduced more controversial storylines to try and retain viewers.

Davie Sneddon was probably the Scottish equivalent of Dirty Den or JR Ewing. He was the bad guy that everyone couldn’t help falling in love with…

As you have guessed the actor, Derek Lord, isn’t even Scottish – he was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland but I’ll let him be an honorary Scot for now.

Prior to joining Take The High road one of the acting jobs that Derek had was as a policeman in the seventies sex-comedy film Confessions Of A Window Cleaner – ooh err missus!

Since Take a The High Road finished he has had various other roles but the biggest one is in Game Of Thrones. His part is down as “military officer” so I assume it’s not a starring role but it’s a massive show so well done Derek!

Thanks for the memories Derek and good luck for the future! Here’s some full episodes of Take The High Road to show you just how us Scots like to live it large…

While researching for this post I was sad to learn that two of the female cast members have since passed away…

Lesley Fitz-Simons who played Sheila Ramsay died in 2013 aged 51 after losing her battle against cancer.

Briony McRoberts who played Sam Hagen died in 2013 aged 56 after tragically being struck by a train.

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