Compassion vs Traffic


I was walking along the sidewalk the other day and I noticed that there was a lot more traffic on a particular road than what their usually was. It looked really busy and all the people in the cars were definitely trying to get somewhere fast.

It seemed to me that they didn’t care too much for the cars they were driving or even the other drivers on the road but they simply needed to be on that road at that time no matter what.

Some of them didn’t even know how to drive properly!

A dirty old station wagon carrying what looked to me like a Rock Band honked their horn at me and shouted to me to jump in. I replied…

“No, I’m sorry – I am not jumping in your band wagon just to get in amongst all that traffic!”

I walked off keeping my thoughts to myself and deciding that I only want to drive on that road when I have a car that I love and I know how to drive safely.