The World’s Top 10 Awkward Halloween Photos 2016

Awkward Halloween Photos

Halloween is coming up so here’s this years awkward photos…

James Arthur

10 – “I Love You Simon” X Factor winner James Arthur once dressed up as Superman for Halloween

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump

9 – “Scary & True” – One of these two real life monsters are going to grow up to be President of the USA


8 – “McNasties” – forget the Killer clowns giving clowns a bad reputation – McDonalds have been giving clowns a bad name for years

Pumpkin Baby

7a – “Reality Check” – everyone has saw the cute photos of babies in pumpkins but this is the scary reality of what actually happens in real life


7b – “Not Just For Babies” – sometimes grown men try putting themselves in pumpkins and they really shouldn’t…

naked man in pumpkin

7c – “Pump-it-in” – “…unless they look like this”

scary doll

6 – “Hello Dolly” – erm no, get to fuck Dolly you big scary bitch!”


5 – “Trick or Treat Mister” – “WTF? Here take my cash card and my PIN and just get away from my house!”

creepy halloween

5 – “The Not So Good Old Days” – as if living back in the olden days with no internet wasn’t a scary enough thought, they also had the creepiest halloween costumes


4 – “A Scary Fairy Story” – this is so not how I remember Goldilocks & The Three Bears


3 – “Cute, you say?” – What’s so awkward about this? Well, you might think she is being a troll doll but in actual fact the inspiration for this costume was Sharon Osbourne


2 – “Every Superhero’s Nemesis – we all want to be a superhero but lycra is not everyone’s partner in crime…it’s sometimes just downright criminal!


1 – “Sister of Subo – so many questions here but she is surely pulling this off! See you on the dance floor babe!

Do you have a favourite awkward halloween photo?

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Awkward Halloween Photos

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