50 Thoughts That Can Motivate You To Do Anything: #32 – There Is No Problem That Can’t Be Overcome

What are the 50 thoughts that can motivate you to do anything?

I recently stumbled across an awesome website called Entrepreneur.com and I was particularly interested in one article and want to start sharing these thoughts and giving my own personal and visual interpretations of these “50 Thoughts That Can Motivate You To Do Anything”

#32 – There is no problem that can’t be overcome

“Everything can be solved or worked around.”


#32 – There is no problem that can’t be overcome

What about you – how would you represent this particular thought? Or, if you want to know why I chose the particular image let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

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Vacations, Anniversaries & Changes

I’ll be on on vacation from 3rd September for two weeks and during that time it will be the 3rd anniversary of this blog – Steve Says… so I have came up with not just one fun & exciting blog plan, but two…

Fun & Exciting Blog Plan Part One

Someone once said “It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary”…

I say – “It’s A Jolly Holiday with You Guys”.

What do I mean?

For the 2 weeks I am away – September 3rd to September 17th I want to share your posts by re-blogging them. This will keep my blog busy and perhaps it will also allow you to gain new followers.

So, all you have to do is…

In the comments section below leave a link to your favourite post from the past few months, describe your blog and then imagine me lying in the sun by the pool, beer in one hand, iPad in the other and I will re-blog your post from there! Genius!

Fun & Exciting Blog Plan Part Two

I loved what Haylee from Aloada Bobbins did to celebrate her “blogiversary” which was to invite her readers to basically ask her any question and then she answered all the question in a Vlog post. Well, I’m stealing that idea because I thought it was awesome so all you have to do is…

Leave me any question you want me to answer in the comments below. Also Genius!

Finally, once I return from vacation and answer all your questions there will then be a few changes on Steve Says which I am very excited about too – watch this space!

I look forward to reading and sharing your posts, answering all your questions on, and also..my holiday!

Please share this post, re-blog it, tell ten friends to tell ten friends and share the blog love!


I’ve Been Trolled: Why Be An Internet Troll When You Can Be An Internet Moomin?

The Moomins

Internet Trolls

It’s a sad fact of life that there has always been vile people in the world making even more vile comments. In the days of social media it’s given these “trolls”  a much wider audience…

I have been blogging for almost three years and I guess I have been fortunate up to now that all my comments have been positive. However, that’s just changed.

For some reason I’ve just been targeted by some trolls leaving nasty comments which initially I took personally but I soon got over it. It was also quite timely that when I checked out the latest video on my favourite vocal coach extraordinaire’s You Tube channel, Fel, she too has suffered the trolls and has some great advice…

Events such as the George Square tragedy in Glasgow have also given these trolls the attention that they absolutely don’t deserve. When I was still quite new to the whole tweeting thing I hold my hand up and admit I have had jibes at celebrities. My poor excuse is “it’s just too easy to do these days” but I would hate to think I’d ever upset anyone. Twitter should come with a rulebook i.e. if you don’t have something nice to say – say nothing!

I want to now try and stick to my own Social Media rule…

“Don’t be an internet troll – be an internet Moomin”

What on Earth is a Moomin you might well ask. Well, they were a popular cartoon on the television when I was growing up and what they are is…

“The Moomins are the central characters in a series of books, and a comic strip by Swedish-speaking Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson, originally published inSwedish by Schildts[2] in Finland. They are a family of white, roundish fairy tale characters with large snouts that make them resemble hippopotamuses. The carefree and adventurous family live in their house in Moominvalley, though in the past, their temporary residences have included a lighthouse and a theatre. They have had many adventures along with their various friends.”

The Moomins

Basically trolls are nasty and Moomins are nice, I’m going to be nice on the internet so therefore I’m going to be an internet Moomin.

What’s even better is that there is a Moomin for everyone so you can decide which one you want to be. After you’ve had a look at the video – pick below from the character that best describes you…all together now “ba, ba, ba, bababa ba the Moomins…”

Moominpappa: Father of the family, but boyish and adventurous. He likes to be present when something unusual happens. He is philosophical at times and likes writing his memoirs.

Moominmamma: The calm mother, who takes care that Moominhouse is a safe place to be. She wants everyone to be happy, appreciates individuality, but settles things when someone is wronged. She always brings good food as well as whatever else may be necessary on a journey in her handbag.

Moomin: The little boy of the family, interested in and excited about everything he sees and finds, always trying to be good, but sometimes getting into trouble while doing so, he is very brave and always finds a way to make his friends happy.

The Hemulens: Creatures that believe in order and like to boss other people around, but find it difficult to listen to anyone and lack a sense of humor. Many hemulens like collecting stuff, and have little time to think about much else.

Sniff: A small creature, who lives in the Moomin house. He likes to take part in everything, but is afraid to do anything dangerous. Sniff appreciates all valuables and makes many plans to get rich, but does not succeed.

Snork Maiden: Moomin’s girlfriend. She is happy and energetic, but often suddenly changes her mind on things. She loves nice clothes and jewelry and is a little flirtatious.

The Snork: Snorkmaiden’s brother. He is an introvert by nature and is always inventing things. The residents of Moominvalley often ask Snork for help solving tricky problems and building machines. Snorks are like moomintrolls, but change colour according to their mood.

Snufkin: Moomin’s best friend. The lonesome philosophical traveller, who likes to play the harmonica and wanders around the world with only a few things, so as not to make his life complicated. He always comes and goes as he pleases, is carefree and has lots of admirers in Moominvalley. He is also shown to be quite fearless and calm in even the most dire situations, which has proven to be a great help to Moomintroll and the others when in danger.

Little My: A mischievous tomboyish little girl, who lives in the Moomin house and has a brave, spunky personality. She likes adventure, but loves catastrophes, and often does mean things on purpose. She finds messiness and untidiness exciting and is very down to earth, when others aren’t.

The younger Mymble, also referred to as “the Mymble’s daughter”: Little My’s amiable and helpful big sister, and half-sister of Snufkin. She often has romantic daydreams about the love of her life, particularly policemen.

Too-Ticky: A wise woman, and good friend of the family. She has a boyish look, with a blue hat and a red-striped shirt. She dives straight into action to solve dilemmas in a practical way. Too Ticky is the one of the people in Moominvalley, who does not hibernate, instead spending the winter in the cozy sauna building of the Moominhouse.

Mrs Fillyjonk: A female rodent-like being who believes order and principle are vital to life, and she does not want her three children to learn bad habits. She easily loses her temper and even the slightest misfortune depresses her. She is often seen cleaning the house.

The Hattifatteners Mushroom-like silent creatures, that wander around the world eternally, often in large groups, wanting to reach the horizon. They travel by boat and get attracted by lightning, when they become electric and quite dangerous.

Thingumy and Bob: Inseparable twins, with their own funny language, which a Hemulen deciphers, consisting largely of spoonerisms and similar inversions of words and syllables. Moomin eventually gets the hang of it, while Sniff thinks they are speaking a foreign language. They like to hide in small places, but to others it is not always clear what they are up to. They do not know what is theirs and steal Moominmama’s handbag to live in, which they soon return when they realise how much she needs it. The ruby they stole is, however not returned to the groke at all. They swap the ruby for another ruby with the Hobgoblin (Finn Family Moomintroll).

The Groke: A ghost-shaped creature that scares everyone, she says nothing (she growls) and the ground freezes below her. The other characters are afraid of her, but she is just simply very lonely. The Groke is also attracted to fire, but when she sees it and sits on it, the fire will extinguish.

Stinky: A small furry creature that always plays jokes on the family in the house, where he sometimes lives. He likes pinching things, is proud of his reputation as a crook, but always gets found out. He is simple and only thinks of himself.

The Muddler (Moomins): Living in a coffee tin, this anxious collector stores away all the buttons he finds, but his carelessness with the collection makes him lose and forget things. The Fuzzy is the Muddler’s wife, whom he met on an adventure with Moominpappa. Sniff is their child, but he lives with the Moomins.

Have you chosen? Let me know which one you are in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014 and, remember…

“Don’t be an internet troll – be an internet Moomin”

50 Thoughts That Can Motivate You To Do Anything: #31 – What I See Matters More Than What Others See

What are the 50 thoughts that can motivate you to do anything?

I recently stumbled across an awesome website called Entrepreneur.com and I was particularly interested in one article and want to start sharing these thoughts and giving my own personal and visual interpretations of these “50 Thoughts That Can Motivate You To Do Anything”

#31 – What I see matters more than what others see

“Forget about what others think — prioritize what you think.”

Rose Tint

#31 – What I see matters more than what others see

What about you – how would you represent this particular thought? Or, if you want to know why I chose the particular image let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

For the other thoughts take a look at this.


Favorite Blogger of the Week: Steve | Afternoon of Sundries

Thanks to Katt at Afternoon Of Sundries for this truly awesome post about little old me.

Go check out her blog – she’s fab!

Source: Favorite Blogger of the Week: Steve | Afternoon of Sundries

The Playlist: Part One

imageChristmas was over.

All that build up, all the hype and now nothing!

Even the Christmas decorations seemed to droop as if they already knew that the next few days were going to be dull, dull and duller while everyone waited for the New Year’s celebrations to start.

Well, at least I won’t be taken down, put in a box and stored in the garage for another year, Bruno thought as he looked at the sad Christmas tree with all the once twinkling lights – now just dark like his mood. As he was considering whether being locked in a box and resting for a whole year might perhaps be a better prospect than returning to work in the New Year something caught his eye at the base of the Christmas tree.

That wasn’t there before, he thought. It didn’t look like one of the cat’s toys or even a cat’s interpretation of a toy i.e. a decoration from the tree. No – it looked like a present.

That’s crazy, Bruno thought, all the presents were ripped open first thing Christmas morning quicker than Freddie Kruger could peel an orange.

But it was. It was a present. It was a little box just slightly smaller than a shoe box. It certainly hadn’t been wrapped by Bruno as it was perfect. Ribbons, bows – the real deal. Bruno’s theory on wrapping gifts was that as long as the item was covered then job done as far as he was concerned. In fact, one year he even used tin foil. To be fair to him though – it did look very Christmassy.

As Bruno started to approach the tree so he could examine the mystery object further he suddenly took a step back.

It’s a suspicious package, he thought. What if it’s a bomb? What if our home is under terrorist attack? What if…and then he suddenly shook his over-imaginative brain in his head back to the realms of reality. Yeah, as if the ISIS lot are gift-wrapping bombs these days and placing them neatly under Christmas trees in homes in the middle of fucking nowhere!

Get a grip, Bruno told himself – that’s almost as crazy as the time you jumped out the bath because you thought Jaws was about to swim in through the plughole…he was only 7 at the time but even 30 years later his brain still works in mysterious ways.

Bruno walked over, picked the object up and without realising what he was doing he held it to his ear to check if it was ticking…it wasn’t. Had he done this with the present his Aunt had given him a few days earlier which contained an actual small ticking clock who knows what might have happened.

He slowly unwrapped it while smelling the wrapping paper. For what? Hmmm, not sure. Explosives? Everyone knows that Semtex smells like almonds, right?  But it’s fucking Christmas so every wrapped present could potentially smell of it…

“Here you go, son, this present is from your gran,”

“ok let me sniff it – shit call the bomb squad!”

No, just no.

When Bruno unwrapped it there was no bomb inside, or almonds for that matter. However, what was inside surprised him just as much. Granted, there was less physical and mental injury involved than had it been a present from the anti-Santa’s Semtex sack but it was still a massive shock to him when he saw a brand new, in box, 1st generation Apple iPod.

Bruno lifted off the lid from the box and as he did a note fell out landing on the floor by his Superman slippered feet. He bent down, picked up the note and read it aloud…

“walk about pop music”

This was getting very strange for Bruno. For “normal” people, seeing that note might not have made any sense but for Bruno it did. It had a very familiar ring to it. The combination of the note and the iPod now had Bruno’s heart pumping fast.

Bruno loved music. Bruno was a blogger. Bruno had a music blog called “talk about pop music”. What the actual fuck was going on?

He went back to the box and removed the iPod and put the earphones in. Usually you are told to charge these types of devices before using them but seriously – who does that shit? Bruno simply powered the device on. The screen started to glow with a slightly not quite white, not quite blue sort of shade. The black writing appeared so he used the buttons and the click wheel to begin navigating around (yeah, hilarious isn’t it) the options until he came to the playlists menu.

There’s stuff on this already, he thought and when he looked into the playlists he realised there was only one…

“Every Number One Song”

That’s one of mine, that’s my fucking playlist, he was practically screeching by now. Should he press the button to select it? Should he? Should he? Oh, come on who are we kidding? This is a guy who has to press any button he sees – a trip to B&Q (other hardware stores are available) is never complete without him pressing all the doorbell test buttons so of course he pressed it.

He pressed it and he disappeared.

Bruno hadn’t really disappeared.

Teleported would have been a more accurate description. If there had been some “teleportation transportation body” to complain at then Bruno would have been complaining to them right away! Complaining via email or tweet obviously – who wants to use the phone and speak to an actual human these days?

Why would he be complaining?

Bruno was a huge fan of Doctor Who so he had saw the TARDIS move between locations. He tolerated Star… Trek and the other Wars version so he had witnessed numerous people being beamed up/down/left/right/diagonal etc. Teleporting should come with sound effects, flashes, zips, bangs, bells and whistles.

Bruno was in his living room one second and somewhere else the next and that was it.

No flash, no fade out/in, no wheezing TARDIS noise – no nothing. He disappeared  from one place and then instantly reappeared in another. It was low budget teleportation. It was teleportation Easyjet style and he was actually surprised he still had his clothes on in the new destination without having been charged £40 per item!

If there had been someone to complain to he was currently working out how to do it without exceeding 140 characters but at the same time including a funny GIF and a link to his blog – as you do…

Comedy anecdotes aside – where the fuck was he? What the hell had just happened?

He had pressed a button on a mysterious iPod found in his living room in the countryside, in Scotland and now he was…


Wherever he was, he was still holding the iPod which was a huge bonus as an original iPod is hard to come by these days and could potentially fetch a small fortune on eBay. Especially as it still had its original box to keep the geeks happy!

Where was he though? Enough with the “funnies” and on with the story!

Basically, wherever he was it smelled old! It smelled of foost. Like when you take something old from a cupboard and it has that musty smell? Bruno used to think it was because the books had been locked away with no air for so long but perhaps  that is actually what the olden days smelled like – foost! Eau de foost. Fragrance de foost. Call it what you will.

Was Bruno worried or scared about what had just happened?

Not really, he had always secretly hoped for something like this to happen so the fact that it had finally happened he was shitting his pants through excitement rather than fear!