#FridayFunny: “Debbie Does Dirty” – Deborah Meaden From Dragons’ Den Gets Dirty

Programme Name: Dragons' Den - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Deborah Meaden - (C) BBC - Photographer: Andrew Farrington

Deborah Meaden gets dirty

I love the BBC TV show Dragons’ Den – maybe even one day I’ll go on it with one of my crazy ideas such as the Pop Mosaic. One of my favourite dragons is Deborah Meaden – she’s awesome but who knew she was so dirty…

Forget “Debbie Does Dallas” and watch this…

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Curing A Two Day Hangover With Netflix & BBC iPlayer


What’s the best cure for a hangover?

For me – it’s Netflix.

At the weekend I had one too many cocktails and the last thing I felt like doing was sitting in front of a computer writing on this blog. All I wanted to do was be horizontal, take my brain out and connect my eye sockets to Netflix. So – I did.

I can’t remember the last time I have ever watched so much TV but it was great, well needed and I watched some great stuff!

What to watch on Netflix

You might be surprised by how much media I consumed over the past few days but bear in mind it was constant.

I started off with a film…

Joe Dirt

This was chewing gum for the eyes and gently eased me into the day. When I then realised there was a sequel that had just been released recently I had to have it…

What to watch on BBC iPlayer

Flat TV

I found a new show on BBC iPlayer called Flat TV and had quickly consumed the first four episodes…

I then moved back to Netflix and finished watching the final few episodes of a show I had started watching a few days earlier…

Stranger Things

Finally, I started to watch show which I soon was hooked on and absorbed the first season before I knew it. I love this and I am now on to the second season and can’t get enough of it…


I thoroughly recommend all of these – hangover or not!

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#FridayFunny: Glaswegian Dolmio Adverts



Ever wondered what the Dolmio adverts would be like if they were dubbed in Scottish? Wonder no more…

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Beat Me On The Bottom With A Woman’s Weekly: RIP Victoria Wood

The cruel year of 2016 has taken yet another celebrity I grew up with in the UK. This time it’s the much-loved comedian, Victoria Wood.

I remember watching her sketch shows and laughing so hard – she really was so talented both in front of and behind the camera. One of my favourite sketches from her was when she was looking for her friend, Kimberley…


Victoria was also brilliant at comedy songs and the one I’m sure everyone is thinking of today is “The Ballad Of Barry & Freda” so here is the lady herself introducing the song – if you have never watched it, please watch now…


Thanks Victoria for all the laughs and my thoughts are with your family today.

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Saturday Morning Memories – Live & Kicking


Live & Kicking (CBBC, 1993-2001)

After the success of Going Live!, CBBC launched a new Saturday Morning show in 1993 with a similar format. Just like Phillip Schofield before him, Andi Peters was promoted from the broom cupboard to become one of the main hosts. He was joined by Emma Forbes, who was also familiar to viewers having hosted some features on Going Live! Alongside them was John Barrowman, but his role was reduced after a while as his acting career began to take off. vlcsnap-00925

Comedy duo Trevor and Simon were also kept on and provided some new characters and sketches, including the funny chat show spoof Meet Someone, also reviewing the latest records at the end of the show with celebrity guests, and constantly telling people that they don’t do duvets. vlcsnap-00920

There was also a floating computer-generated cat head thing called Ratz who always enjoyed talking to the presenters. I presume…

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#FridayFunny: If You’ve Never Tried Face Swap Then You Really Should!

I might be late to the party with the whole “Face Swap” thing but we tried it and, well – see the hilarious results for yourselves…


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